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Who We Are

The Soares family tradition in the marketing of foodstuffs and products derived from sugarcane dates back to 1959, when Mr. Roldão Soares founded a small dry and wet goods business in the city of Piumhi / MG. Since then, his descendants have increased business and specialized in sugar and ethanol market. CANEX EXPORT LTD is now a renowned company on national and international scale, offering its services to both domestic and export markets. Products marketed by CANEX are used by various sectors of trade and industry, particularly manufacturers and foodstuff suppliers. CANEX trademark stands out for quality, speed and reliability of the service, exporting sugar and ethanol to all continents.

Social Vision

Canex has the human being as the main asset of a company. This social vision makes Canex invest in sustainable development and be committed to its responsibility towards the environment.  In this way, the company seeks customers and suppliers that are in line with the ethical and social principles defended by the company, valuing the preservation of human well-being, and creating lasting relationships with its employees and partners.


Offer solutions to resources, products and services for the sugar ethanol  and bioenergy sector, with agility, simplicity and flexibility while preserving a relationship marked by trust and transparency while minimizing risk by ensuring the integrity of the business, generating profits and benefits to shareholders, customers, suppliers , collaborators, the community and the environment. 

Integrated Management System

To integrate the sectors and company businesses, Canex uses a computerized corporate ERP for business management, providing agility combined with flexibility in providing its services to customers and suppliers.

Human Resources

Convinced that the driving force to achieve results and that the basis for the company's growth comes from human potential, Canex invests continuously in the development of its staff and in providing opportunities for its employees.

Our Services

The network of services domestically and internationally offered by Canex is directy provided by the head office and its branches. Based on the main strategic points of the national sugar-alcohol market, Canex makes available to its clients and co-op partners a wide range of business opportunities. Renowned for its innovation and looking for expansion and strengthening of its increasingly growing business on domestic and international scale, in 2014/2015/, Canex will create its own trading.


Sugar and Ethanol Export.

Logistics and Warehousing

Logistics and port storage.


Constant availability of Sugar for trading.

Meeting the requests

Meeting the requests of industry, wholesale and retail trade of sugar.


Enabling resources for mills and distilleries, through purchases for future deliveries.


Learn a little more about CANEX through the actions promoted by the company. Here, you keep informed of the events, lectures and all efforts to increasingly integrate its collaborators.


The main news, market information, indicators, analyzes and reports are available in the main information portals of this sector, see below:

The main economic indicators of the sugar and ethanol industry.


Market Indicators

Analyzes, trends and information on major commodity markets.


Research and Market Intelligence

Information on  global markets current tools - risk management in the futures market, options and derivatives.

Arnaldo Corrêa

Management and Risk Planning

News about the bioenergy market, bulletins and newsletters.


Union of Bioenergy Producers


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